OpenStack Liberty Design Summit has ended

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Wednesday, May 20



A Year with Cinder and Ceph at TWC Room 109 Ask the Experts: Are Containers a Threat to OpenStack? Room 211 Borderless Computing and the Hybrid Cloud Room 116/117 Building the Cloud Community: Crafting Unforgettable Events and Meetups Room 110 CloudKitty an Open Source rating and chargeback component for OpenStack Room 205/206/207 Deep Dive Into a Highly Available OpenStack Architecture Room 114/115 Deploying a Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Dynamic Service Automation Room 121/122 How Neutron builds network topology for your multi-tier application? Room 118/119/120 Make your cloud orchestration autonomic with Watcher Marketplace Expo Hall Theater OpenStack Ousts vCenter for DevOps and Unites IT Silos at AVG Technologies Room 202/203/204 Ubuntu OpenStack Vendor Integration and Certification Room 208/209 Whack a Mole – killing and healing multi-region / multi-cloud HEAT applications Room 210 Barbican: Work session Room 223 Ceilometer: componentisation / multiple identity Room 222 Designate: Work session Room 303 Group based Policy: Work session Room 305 Heat: Work session Room 221 Horizon: Work session Room 302 Infrastructure: Work session Room 304 Magnum: Using Native Tools to Manage Magnum Room 306 Manila: Mount Automation Room 220 Neutron: Liberty Development Room 213-214 Nova: Scheduler in Liberty Room 301 Oslo: Get to know your objects and learn how to version them (an introduction to oslo.versionedobjects)! Room 224 Puppet Team Work Session Room 217 Swift: Work session Room 219 Hands-On With Heat: Service Orchestration in the Cloud Room 111/112 Telco Working Group East Building, Room 2/3 HPC Working Group Room 218 The Telco Working Group East Bld, 2/3 Poppy - A CDN Provisioning Service for OpenStack East Building, Room 10





Dreamhost: DreamCompute and the COCO Stack Marketplace Expo Hall Theater Seagate: Transformative Storage Solutions and Contributions within the Open Stack Community Marketplace Theater Lite Bare Metal - Beyond Ironic Room 208/209 Building the Enterprise Cloud with Openstack, Docker, Kubernetes, and CoreOS Room 211 Defcore - Working Session 1 East Building, Room 2/3 Dive into VM Live Migration Room 110 Don't just Consume; Participate: Operations and the Community Room 205/206/207 Extending OpenStack Swift to Support Third Party Storage Systems Room 109 Growing OpenStack at Time Warner Cable Room 202/203/204 Lessons Learned from Adopting Open Source at Hyperscale Room 121/122 Mesos/Docker clusters with Ironic : A Match Made in Heaven Room 210 OpenStack Infrastructure Management with ManageIQ Room 116/117 Repeatable benchmarking of OpenStack architectures Room 114/115 Subnet Pools and Pluggable External IP Management in OpenStack Kilo Room 118/119/120 Ansible Work Session Room 217 Barbican: Castellan Room 222 Ceilometer: Work session Room 304 Glance: Work session Room 303 Group based Policy: Work session Room 305 Heat: Work session Room 221 Keystone: Liberty Priorities Room 224 Magnum: Identifying and Cultivating Containers as a Service Applications Room 306 Manila: Share Replication Room 220 Neutron: VLAN aware VMs Room 213-214 Nova: Cells v2 Room 301 Oslo: Work session Room 223 Sahara: Work session Room 302 Swift: Work session Room 219 Cinder QOS: A Hands-On Workshop Room 111/112 Monitoring and Tools Working Group Room 216 Tags Working Group Room 218











Are You Ready for OpenStack? Room 114/115 Cloud Economics and Strategy Room 211 Delivering an end-to-end Automated and Carrier-class NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Use Case Room 110 Keystone advanced authentication methods Room 121/122 Leveraging open source tools to gain insight into OpenStack Swift Room 109 Neutron in the Real World - TWC Implementation and Evolution Room 202/203/204 Powering up EBay OpenStack Cloud – Under the hood Room 205/206/207 Sharing Best Practices in Setting up and Operating OpenStack CI Loops East Building, Room 10 Swisscom Presents Building Scalable Clouds for Application Delivery on OpenStack Room 210 Tap-as-a-Service (TaaS): Port Monitoring for Neutron Networks Room 118/119/120 The Easiest and Most Flexible Ubuntu OpenStack Installer Room 208/209 Cinder: Collect and Display Storage Backend Status Room 220 Congress: Work session Room 304 Documentation: RST Migration Room 222 Glance: Work session Room 303 Heat: Heat client usability Room 213-214 Horizon: Work session Room 302 Mistral: Work session Room 305 Neutron: Work session Room 221 Nova: Spec/Blueprint Unconference Room 301 Oslo: Work session Room 223 QA: DevStack Roadmap Room 224 Security: Vulnerability Management Room 306 Swift: Work session Room 219 Tech Choices (eg is MongoDB OK?) Work Session Room 218 Multi-Tenant Isolation: Quarantine Your Tenants Room 111/112 Burning Issues Work Session Room 217 Large Deployments Team Work Session Room 216 CoreOS & The OpenStack Eco-system East Building, Room 11 ManageIQ Community Day @ OpenStack Summit East Building, Room 1







Cisco InterCloud Massively scalable Federated Networking using OpenStack Room 202/203/204 ELK Stack Crossing: Where Fans of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and OpenStack Unite! East Building, Room 10 Enabling Business Agility with OpenStack Room 211 End of the road - Facing current scaling limits within OpenStack Room 114/115 Lockdown: Build the worlds most secure OpenStack cloud Room 116/117 Manila: Taking OpenStack Shared File Storage to the Telco Cloud Room 110 Metadata tagging in Cinder Room 109 Neutron extension framework overview and use cases Room 118/119/120 OpenStack Product Management Strategies Panel Room 111/112 Operating Ironic: Running A Young OpenStack Project In Production Room 205/206/207 Orchestration across multiple cloud platforms using HEAT Room 121/122 Software-defined Storage Options Room 208/209 Walmart Presents Takeaway Lessons from Building an E-Commerce Platform with OpenStack Room 210 Barbican: Work session Room 223 Ceilometer: Work session Room 304 Cinder: Nested Quota: Enforcing Quotas in Nested Projects Room 220 Data Plane Transitions Work Session Room 218 Docs Work Session Room 217 Glance: Catalog Index Service - Future and Scope Room 222 Heat: REST API design and roadmap Room 213-214 Keystone: Operator Feedback Room 224 Magnum: Work session Room 303 Mistral: Work session Room 305 Neutron: Work session Room 221 Nova: Functional Testing and Feature Classification Room 301 Oslo: Work session Room 302 Swift: Work session Room 219 Trove: Testing Different Trove Datastores -- the path from experimental to stable Room 306